Monday, October 10, 2011


If I was to ask you, which one of your five senses would be the most important, I am guessing that the majority of people would say sight. I tend to agree, but this weekend I was struck with a nasty virus which has rendered my voiceless. Now to those who know me, many could see this as a blessing as I do like to talk. I love conversation. I love the chance to exchange with someone, to sit with them and listen. I love words and love languages. I like eavesdropping when I am in public places. I like telling stories and connecting with someone on the phone. All this stopped, when the doctor said that I needed to stop talking and rest my vocal cords. I thought that it would be simple. Instead I am finding it frustrating and yet, so needed. I have a greater appreciation for my silence and the power of being voice less. My social interactions have been reduced to a smile or a nod with my neighbours. I have turned to my electronic voice to connect with my friends and family. I am letting my face and my touch tell my story.
Experts say that 85% of what we communicate is non verbal. I would tend to agree. And while I don't want to have laryngitis, It has made me realize the power of my real voice.